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Many people are opting for decking in their gardens these days as it is so versatile and can really revitalise a garden. It can be used to create a patio area for outdoor dining, a hot tub area and even a path or steps.

There are a wide variety of decking materials and styles to choose from. Wood is the most popular choice, with hardwood more expensive than softwood. Some people will opt for PVC decking, which has been growing in popularity in recent years.

Whichever style of decking you choose, and in whatever design, our team of expert craftsmen will ensure your decking looks fantastic once completed.

With over twenty years’ experience in all aspects of landscaping and gardening, we have installed decking in various types of garden and have many delighted clients.

Pergolas Arches and Arbours

A pergola can be a beautiful addition to a garden. These features are usually made from standing pillars or posts supporting cross-beams or lattices where vines are trained. They can form either a shaded seating area or a longer walk way which can really make a garden look beautiful.

Pergolas are often mistaken for arbours, or the words are used interchangeably but this is incorrect. A pergola is a structure of posts and cross-beams, whereas an arbour is a fixed wooden bench seat with a roof,. An arbour is usually enclosed by lattice panels up which plants can climb. A pergola is generally considered to be a larger, more open structure than an arbour, and does not include a seat.

Here at Rosewood Landscapes it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a pergola, an arbour or an arch on which to train your plants,  we are able to build all three types of garden structure.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and on ensuring our customers get  their garden to look and feel fantastic.

Why not call and speak to our friendly team today and arrange for a free quote with no obligation. We would be happy to talk through your options with you and help you to decide on which structure is best for you.


Here at Rosewood Landscapes we pride ourselves on the standard of our brickwork. We employ top craftsmen and that is reflected in the projects that we complete.

We can build many types of structures from decorative to functional walls, any of which can enhance the look of your property.

Whether you want to build a barbecue, enclose your bins or compost heap, create level ground for a patio or decking, or even build an arch, you will want to get a professional in to ensure the job is done well with expert attention to detail.



At Rosewood Landscapes we have many years’ experience in garden brickwork and can work with you to ensure your garden looks exactly as you have imagined it will.

As a long established, family run business we take pride in ensuring our customers are always pleased with our work. Whatever your brickwork requirements, we aim to do the very best job possible for you.

Call us for a free consultation and see how we can help you realise your plans.

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds these days come in numerous different shapes and sizes, made from different materials and with numerous different features available. Whether you want a shed for DIY projects, potting plants or storage, you’ll want a reliable structure that’s watertight and built to last.

We are able to provide and build a wide range of garden sheds, designed to withstand all elements. With over twenty years’ experience in all things gardening, we’ve built our fair share of sheds over the years and will ensure your shed goes up quickly and smoothly.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and our sheds are sure to stand the test of time, whatever the weather may throw at it.

Whatever your preferences and needs, we are confident we’ll be able to help you find the right shed for you, and to build it perfectly.



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